Once I completed my book I was offered keynote-speaking engagements and discovered I really loved this way of connecting with people.

I wanted to entertain but also to pass on some wisdom from my entrepreneurial travels. And the feedback I received was that my approach and style left attendees inspired to have a crack at an entrepreneurial approach to business.

Better Faster Stronger Keynote Presentation

My speaking themes vary but they are all based on my entrepreneurial journey. My delivery is flexible to suit - from a straight lecture, or my own unique MCing to highly interactive with boisterous crowd participation. Each presentation incorporates what I've learnt from applying McKinsey’s ruthless strategic approach, working directly with Alan Bond, Sir Richard Branson, and Virgin’s entrepreneurial maniac risk taking (actually very measured). My presentations show how I applied my learning to corporates, startups and individuals.

I only gratefully accept invitations where I can bring the audience to their feet, pumped and ready to go. This means I only speak on themes I’m comfortable with and know will resonate with your audience.

The five most popular themes at present are

  1. Virgin: A branding tale
  2. Social Media and owning your own personal brand
  3. Negotiate like an entrepreneurial master
  4. The top 10 tips on launching a business and surviving
  5. Leadership, teamwork and making it happen

If your interested in hiring me to present, please contact me and explain what you are trying to achieve, so we can explore if I can add value to your event.

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