Better, Stronger, Faster: The Book

The entrepreneur's step-by-step guide to success in business.

I've been fortunate enough to have worked in the inner sanctum for two of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, Alan Bond and Richard Branson. These experiences have given me a unique insight into what drives success in businesses.

I have developed a set of dos and don'ts that businesses must adhere to, backed up by anecdotes from my business career - sometimes stinging, but always entertaining and thought provoking. If you want to ensure that the odds of your business surviving, prospering and eventually selling at a premium are stacked in your favour, then get this entrepreneurial guide.

Ensure that the odds of your business surviving are stacked in your favour.

Did you know that only twenty per cent of new businesses survive to see their fifth birthday?

This is just not right. If they had focused on the key issues and received the right guidance, many of these failed businesses would still be here today.

Better, stronger, faster is a benchmark book that acts as a mentor for the business builder addressing all of the hard issues and guiding the reader through the many pitfalls start-ups face. This book will ensure that the odds of your business surviving, and ultimately prospering, are stacked in your favour.

In Better, stronger, faster Brad Rosser draws on his immense experience as a successful serial entrepreneur who cut his teeth setting up businesses for Alan Bond and Richard Branson, to:

  • Demystify the 'secrets of the successful entrepreneur' smokescreen that self-serving business gurus like to hide behind;
  • Demonstrate that building a successful business can be done by anyone with the right application;
  • Help readers develop the skills, confidence and motivation that will enable them to get up and have a go for themselves - and make it a success;
  • Tackle the non-trivial, hard-hitting and (sometimes) controversial issues of entrepreneurial business building;
  • Provide clear guidelines about what to do - and what not to do at every stage of start-up development.

I have developed a set of dos and don'ts that businesses must adhere to, backed up by anecdotes from my business career - sometimes stinging, but always entertaining and thought provoking. If you don't want your business to end up on the scrap heap, then take a look.

About the Author

From Sir Richard Branson's right-hand man to serial entrepreneur

After gaining a first class degree and then a masters, at just 24 Brad Rosser was working alongside Australia's most successful entrepreneur (and national icon), Alan Bond, and the nation's best deal maker, Peter Beckwith.

After leaving Bond Corporation Rosser joined the London office of McKinsey & Co., the world's most prestigious management consultancy. Brad then became a part of the inner sanctum at Virgin as Sir Richard Branson's right-hand man, dealing with all new start-ups. This was a pivotal time for Virgin as it embarked on an aggressive campaign to enter new industries.

Since leaving Virgin Rosser has become a successful serial entrepreneur, most recently founding the BetterStrongerFaster Group.

The Buzz

Brad always got the deal done ...and knows the tricks of the trade."

Alan Bond
Legendary Australian businessman

Brad is an absolutely exceptional businessman. Not only that, he's a decent human being and is as authentic as he is inspiring. He always makes the complex simple and the impossible possible. A must read."

René Carayol MBE
Founder and Chairman of Inspired Leaders, broadcaster and former Pepsi board member

In a competitive world, building a brand with real strength is vital. Brad Rosser has drawn on his extensive experience, which includes many years of working with Richard Branson, to provide a guide to entrepreneurs which is invaluable."

Nicola Horlick
Supertrader and founder of Bramdean Capital

Brad Rosser is a man of action: his book on how to successfully start up new companies does not contain academic theories or intellectual argument, rather it is a hands on, sleeves rolled up, how-to manual for those who want to get results."

John Coombs
Founder and Managing Director of Unilever ventures

Earthy, robust and compelling. A 'must have' for every self-respecting entrepreneur."

Professor Philip Brown
Australian School of Business (UNSW), visiting professor Chicago Business School

Can-do entrepreneur provides hard hitting advice on how to greatly improve the odds of a successful startup."

George Foster
Wattis Professor of Management, Stanford University and Director, Executive Program for Growing Companies

Virgin Active would not have survived and prospered for the shareholders, including me, without Brad. Read this and get the inside scoop on how to survive, grow and ultimately sell your business."

Frank Reed
Founder of Virgin Active (the fifth largest gym chain in the world)

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