To ensure you meet your potential, total dedication is not enough.

You also need to understand the issues, the proposed solution, and help to see it through to the bitter end. We will create a structured plan together, using creativity, a can-do attitude, but while keeping it fun. Let's get it done."

For those motivated to do well, BSF selectively provides personal and business coaching to those individuals who want to achieve high levels of performance. Both personally and business wise. Often there is a cross-over.

High performance through achieving tangible targets should be everyone's goal. Sometimes you need help from someone who has a fresh perspective, a creative but also structured approach, as well as the experience to provide practical help. Help that provides the skills and motivation to make the right decisions at the right time to move forward.

The role is hands on, can do and practical. Time is of the essence. We work with committed individuals, where there is a clear path to achieving your goals.

I have nurtured and ultimately sold businesses with values from several million pounds to over hundreds of millions of pounds. I spend my time travelling around the world looking at new ways of living, new ways to do things.

A plan is formulated and agreed to achieve those goals. It is designed as a practical framework to develop practical strategies that will enable you to get things done.

This must be challenging but also fun. We need to gel as honesty and hard work are required to get you where you want to be.

The end goals have varied:

  • To find a way to launch a private business whilst continuing to work to cashflow living costs and to launch the new business.
  • To be promoted to director or partner level in your organisation.
  • To become CEO of your organisation.
  • To become an industry leader.
  • To be recognised for your achievements, find new opportunities to move into a new more senior challenging role outside your existing business.
  • Launch an entrepreneurial venture.
  • To reinvent yourself and begin a new career.

Each one has had similarities, in that in a fun and supportive environment, a workable strategy is devised. Then the work starts to achieve the end game desired.

There is only a finite amount of time to mentor/coach therefore the fit must be right, with shared goals and a clear understanding of the path.

If the fit is not right for whatever reason, assistance will be provided to find a suitable coach.

Browse the rest of the site and you will understand the gist of the BSF approach.

The point of difference is to combine an analytical approach with creative problem solving. Then understand how to move forward and critically take the necessary measured risks to meet your goal.

If you are to move forward successfully you will need to understand what battles to fight, what risks to take and when to stand back and reconsider. Creative thinking helps.

So please do reach out and we will find a way to get you the help you seek and deserve.

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