Better, Stronger, Faster: The Book

I wrote a book to inspire people to have a go.

I wanted individuals to feel confident enough and inspired to be entrepreneurial in all aspects of their business life.

So I put together a book on all the lessons I learnt along the way, including things from Virgin, Bond and other entrepreneurial ventures. Importantly, I did not shy away from the failures either. This is all real and inside information, warts and all.

I know what is achievable and thought that if readers could see the truth behind the success and failure of a number of ventures and understand that even successful entrepreneurs are just people, they would feel capable of creating a profitable business.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and grow with an entrepreneurial guide.

About the Book

Successful businesses are based on the same solid foundation: a good idea that has been thoroughly and carefully thought through. This careful thinking is not just at the beginning of the business either; it is a process that needs to continue throughout the life of the business in order to constantly look for ways to improve and make more profit.

The objective of every start-up is survival. Survival depends on having more cash coming in than going out. Cash coming in depends on sales. Anything else is window dressing.

You need strategies and tactics. One tactic became obvious: positive public relations (PR). Just watch people salivate when you can hold up a newspaper or magazine cutting that sings the praises of your product... or, at the very least, mentions it.

The objective of this chapter is to ensure you can close the deal and get what you need - easy to say and difficult to do. At the heart of it all is an attitude of composure. You've got to have ice in your veins, hold your nerve and not rush to impulsive decisions you'll regret later. I've got tactics to share with you that work - and have worked in practice for me - in various situations.

I'm going to give you a piece of equipment - a powerful tool in the form of a ‘magical pitch'. The pitch will do two vital jobs: it will ensure you get the money you need (vital, obviously), and it will do so in a way that you acquire it while retaining the flexibility you need to operate effectively as a start-up.

The essence is this: if you're going to succeed you have to be something of a schizophrenic. I want you to be a visionary. I want you to dream of where you'll be one day, and plan for it. But when it comes to getting there - your method, your day-to-day decisions - I want you to be a visionary with your feet on the ground.

This chapter is going to ensure you can answer a critical question during the development of your business: ‘How do I get the right help, at the right time, and at the right price? Get the right help and your business will grow exponentially. Fail to find the right help and you can kiss all those plans of yours goodbye. As we're about to discover, it's a cruel, do-or-die business.

This chapter will help you understand and build a brand, and use that brand as a tool in the sales process - but not at the expense of building your business.

"You should have a number of questions, including:

  1. When is it time to sell?
  2. What shape should my business be in?
  3. What would be my role - or lack of a role - in the business?
  4. What's my role in the sale?
  5. Who's the ideal adviser?
  6. What should I look for in my sales contract?

This chapter will provide the answers to those questions. It won't waste time delving into detail, but tackle the obstacles head on. We are interested in what you have to do. We're interested in results. There are two jobs of work still to do"

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